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Consulting Practice Director (f/m/d)

Location 크라쿠프, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, 폴란드; Villepinte, 일드프랑스, 프랑스; 힐데스하임, 니더작센 주, 독일; 부퍼탈, 노르트라인베스트팔렌 주, 독일; 더블린, 렌스터, 아일랜드; 예테보리, 베스트라예탈란드 주, 스웨덴; Wiehl, 노르트라인베스트팔렌 주, 독일; Braga, Distrito de Braga, 포르투갈; 뮌헨, 바이에른 자유주, 독일

공고 ID J000629730


Consulting Practice Director (f/m/d)

As Consulting Practice Director within new Premium Consulting and Value Services Organisation at Aptiv you are responsible for creating and promoting differentiated strategic technical consulting and implementation service offerings to meet OEM needs for particular practice area (for example cybersecurity, safety) as well as collaboration with Global Account Director to drive adoption of these services.

You support own staffing decisions and provide engineering perspective to balance skillset and run rate spend, develop strong talent and diversity, and ensure employee engagement and satisfaction.

You drive successful project delivery and growth of Premium Consulting Organisation.

Your role:

  • Driving Premium Consulting project scoping and staffing, collaborating with Offering + Pursuit and Sales

    • Developing project plan for the overall project to deliver customer project scope in collaboration with Offering + Pursuit and Sales

    • Analyzing workforce planning to ensure the Premium Consulting team is properly staffed to meet future work demand needs for Practice Area topic

    • Supporting own staffing decisions and providing engineering perspective to ensure the right skillset balance and run rate spend to deliver project

  • Driving successful project delivery and growth of premium consulting

    • Driving and leading high-margin premium consulting offering to provide technical strategic advice to customers

    • Expanding both Premium Consulting and Value Services business to meet yearly growth and P&L targets

    • Working closely with global shared engineering leaders on value services project pipeline, skills requirements, and resourcing

    • Developing close relationships and drive engagements with customer counterpart throughout the project cycle maintaining regular visibility into customer change requests and implications for engineering resource needs and budgets

  • Developing and leading a team of deeply technical experts, creating a technical edge competitively

    • Identifying, developing and hiring highly technical specialists for specific technical topic areas (for example cybersecurity, safety) critical to OEM customers

    • Ensuring continuous development of talent to solidify competitive edge

  • Develop strong client relationships with key technical leaders, working with Aptiv customer chief engineer and Global Account Director

    • Establishing and developing relationships with senior technical leaders across customer base in order to drive adoption of key offerings and to sell future technical strategy engagements; work directly with Global Account Director for actual go-to-market sales commercial process

    • Identifying forward looking, prospective strategic priorities for OEMs and develop in-house expertise to serve customers in the future

  • Support premium consulting talent development

    • Setting the PCS org's culture, develop strong consulting talent and diversity, and ensure high employee engagement and satisfaction

Your background:

  • A minimum of 10+ years relevant experience in an international environment or from a leading strategy consulting company including a role in managing and interfacing with senior level client executives

  • Excellent communication, planning, analyzing, influencing and organization skills

  • Strong ability to set, supervise, drive and meet goals

  • Creative spirit that strives for innovation

  • Strong understanding of business drivers

  • Experience in Change Management

  • Proven Management Experience - multiple projects for external clients

  • Strong verbal, written presentation, and communication skills in English

  • Customer orientation and willingness for travel as needed

Aptiv Rewards & Advantages:

  • Freedom and interesting tasks in an environment where work is fun and where you can analyze world-changing problems and develop solutions

  • We value our employees as the most important value of our company

  • We offer flexible and family-friendly working hours

  • We compensate competitively according to your degree and experience

  • We enable a variety of training opportunities

Some See Differences. We See Perspectives That Make Us Stronger.

Diversity and Inclusion are sources of innovation and creativity, both of which are essential to Aptiv’s success. Everyday our diverse team comes together, drives innovation, pursues solutions, and meets challenges using their unique abilities, perspectives and talents, changing what tomorrow brings. When you join our team, you’ll get encouraged to think boldly, express your viewpoint and innovate as a matter of habit.

Some See Technology. We See A Way To Make Connections.

At Aptiv, we don’t just see the world differently; we work to change reality. That means developing technology that rewrites the rules of what’s possible in the pursuit of making transportation safer, greener and more connected. Today there are more than 180,000 of us globally, located in 44 countries, and united by one mission. Join the movement and together, let’s change tomorrow.

Are you interested in this job? Awesome! We look forward to receiving your application .

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the position and Aptiv, please contact Ms. Katarzyna Kwiecien, Senior Recruiter. She is happy to assist you and is available at 00 49 202 291 1090 or by e-mail at

Applications from severely disabled persons and persons of equal status will be given preferential consideration in the event of equal suitability.

Privacy Notice - Active Candidates:

Aptiv is an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.


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